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    Hello! My name is Anthony, the owner and voice over talent of SpeekGeek, and it's my passion to give a voice to your characters and creations. While my favorite thing to do is voice characters, I also have a love of voiceover within the business and corporate sector. Looking for a voice for a character you've created for a project? I've got you covered! Need someone to give a voice to your phone services? I can do that! Need new training material for your employees? I can do that, too! Putting together a commercial or promo and need a voice for it? You guessed it, I can provide the perfect voice for your advertising campaign. Continuity is so important in every place that voiceover is used, and SpeekGeek is your one stop shop to find a voice for all of your needs.

    I currently work out of a professional home studio with some of the best microphones, audio hardware, and audio software in the business.