• Agriculture

  • Our mission is to provide a better understanding of agriculture in Sandusky County.

    Involvement includes:

    • Ag Packs
    • Ag Tent at Sandusky Co. Fair
    • Ag Week Kickoff Breakfast
    • Ag Awards – Farmer of the Year and Ag Service


  • 2017 Ag Week Kickoff Breakfast

    Congratulations to the winners of the Farmer of the Year Award and the Ag Service Award.

  • Roy and Jack Gibbs, 2017 Farmer of the Year award recipient
  • Roy & Jack Gibbs
    Recipient of the 2017 Farmer of the Year Award


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  • Luckey Farmers
    Recipient of the 2017 Ag Service Award


  • Sandusky County Fair Ag Tent

    The 2017 Sandusky County Fair was held August 22nd-27th. The Ag Committee had a tent displayed throughout the week that included 27 Chamber Member businesses.  

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  • Ag Signs

    The signs you see around Sandusky County promoting agriculture are set up and maintained by the Ag Committee.

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  • Upcoming Chamber Events