• Sandusky County Safety Council
  • Sandusky County Safety Council

    Our mission is to prevent and mitigate personal injury to employees and economic losses to member businesses and the community that arise from preventable health and safety incidents.

  • We seek to accomplish our mission by providing a forum to:

    1. Increase safety awareness through the examination of current safety & health issues.
    2. Encourage members and area businesses to use rules, procedures and practices daily that result in a safe and healthy working environment for all their personnel.

    We coordinate monthly programs for our members and the community throughout Sandusky County. Our monthly meetings are advertised through e-mail, the Chamber Newsletter and the local news media. Members are sent an e-mail reminder 2 weeks before each meeting.



    2018 Safety Council Scholarship Winners ($4,000.00 total awards)

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  •  Left to right: Katherine Kuss, St. Joseph Central Catholic High School; Caitlyn Kimmet, Terra State Community College; Kyle Baker, Clyde High School; Daine Greider, Clyde High School



  • Sandusky County Safety Council was awarded 4th place Safety Council of the Year by the BWC on May 7, 2018. 

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