• Sandusky County Chamber of Commerce

  • Our Mission:

    To provide quality leadership, information and services throughout Sandusky County. 

    Our Vision:

    We aspire to be the recognized leader of business advocacy and an information resource in the areas of agriculture, industry, retail and service.  We will work together to foster community partnerships in promoting our area as a better place to work, live and raise our families.

    Our Values:

    As Chamber members, we are dedicated to the following values for our organization:

    • We believe the structure and purpose of the Chamber organziation should encourage member involvement at a level equal to their interests, time and abilities.
    • We believe the Chamber organization should encourage interaction among members, committees, affiliates, board of trustees and officers to identify, address and meet the needs and interests of the Chamber members.
    • We believe the Chamber organization needs to reflect a continuity and planning and programming that address the needs and interest of the members.
    • We believe the following human relationship attributes are important in the performance of the Chamber business: prompt and accurate replies to requests, respect and fair treatment for the individual, honesty, integrity and friendliness.
  • Upcoming Chamber Events