• Ag Gift Pack

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  • The Chamber of Commerce of Sandusky County has Ag Packs for sale.  

    The cost per pack is $30 and contains products that are locally grown and/or packaged from companies like Green Bay Packaging, The Fremont Company, Hasselbach Meats, Root's Poultry, Welly’s, and the Hirzel Canning Company and BUBBAROCK Meat Company.

    These Ag Packs make great gifts for out-of-town guests and businesses that may not be familiar with Sandusky County! 

    Stop by the Chamber office, 1245 Napoleon Street, Fremont, to purchase yours today! 

    Canned Beef

    Irvan Hasselbach established Hasselbach Meats in 1931.  They offer a complete line of fresh pork, corn-fed beef, homemade lunchmeat, frankfurters, bologna and multiple other items including homemade soups and canned beef & pork products.


    Leibengood Honey

    With three generations and 50+ years of experience as a commercial beekeeper, Troy Leibengood attended ATI under Dr. Jim Tew at Ohio State University.  Along with his five children, the Leibengood family apiary is one of the most experienced in the Midwest and Ohio, located in Clyde!



    The Hirzel Canning Company, producers of Dei Fratelli products, began growing and canning vegetables in 1923.  Hirzel’s products range from pasta sauces and salsa to traditional tomato products, and some of the tomatoes used in these products are grown in Sandusky County.



    For more than 90 years, The Fremont Company has been developing, processing and marketing quality food products.  The 3rd generation family management supports a continuity of doing business based on the Fremont founding values.  The sauerkraut is produced locally in Fremont, Ohio using cabbage grown in Sandusky County.


    BUBBAROCK Seasoning

    BUBBAROCK Meat Company offers a range of seasonings from their "Flavor Factory" that will enhance your meat!  Try their Applewood seasoning, in our Ag pack, for a subtle hint of smoke combined with a pinch of heat to make your meat pop with a fabulous flavor.


    Seasoned Salt

    Welly’s “Family Recipe”™ Seasoned Salt has been a favorite of families across the country for over 50 years. This one seasoning does it all! Use it in place of regular salt on all types of meats, fish, fowl, and vegetables, in casseroles, gravies, soups, stews, and egg dishes.


    Chicken Broth

    Root’s Poultry, Inc., established in 1930 in Fremont, Ohio, offers the benefits that today’s consumers are looking for – quality, convenience, and nutrition. Their concentrated chicken broth has no artificial preservatives and no MSG added. Add water to create an excellent soup base or cooking oil substitute.