• Athletic Trainer - PT Services Rehabilitation, Inc. Fremont area

    Posted: 03/13/2020

    Part-time Athletic Trainer
    Part-time,  area high school coverage 

    The Licensed Athletic Trainer is a professional staff member who is licensed by the state of Ohio and whose primary functions are the direction and care of athletic trainer services to area athletes and individuals upon the referral of a physician, podiatrist, dentist, chiropractor or physical therapist.


    Provides the athletes, coaches and parents with education on the prevention and recognition of athletic injuries.

    Is responsible for the recognition of athletic injuries and referral of the athlete to his/her family physician.

    Advises parents, coaches, athletes and administration on matters pertaining to the status of the injured athlete. This includes cause of injury, need for a referral, progression of the athlete, care being given to the athlete, and approximate date of return to competition.

    Is responsible for keeping and maintaining records of all injuries seen at the school.

    Provides needed care, within his/her specific qualifications to do so, in an emergency situation until outside medical assistance arrives.
    Maintains current cardiopulmonary resuscitation certification (CPR) and current first-aid certification.