• Business Manager

    Posted: 10/07/2020

    POSITION: Business Manager
    DATE AVAILABLE: 10/6/2020
    Bachelor’s Degree in Business or Accounting preferred, plus 3 years business management experience. Proficiency in accounting functions, wage and hour laws, and payroll processing.  Comprehensive computer skills.  Strong analysis and decision-making skills.  Able to manage a $2.7 million dollar company.
    CONDITIONAL EMPLOYEE REQUIREMENTS: Bureau of Criminal Investigation background check must result in no felony record.  Physical Exam must result in ability to perform essential position functions of the position. Drug Screening must result in no substance abuse
    HOURS: 40 hours per week, Exempt
    SALARY:                        $50,000
    • Weigh company performance against company monthly, quarterly, and yearly objectives.
    • Develop business plans and strategies to align with company forecasts and goals.
    • Monitors company resources
    • Oversees accounting functions including payroll, AP, AR, cashflow, cost management, financial analysis, financial reporting, recordkeeping, and taxes.
    • Prepares and monitors Sandco Industries budget and submits reports as required to Board of Directors and CEO
    • Responsible for general ledger reconciliation, analysis of financial accounts, and preparation of journal entries
    • Responsible for overseeing financial aspects of contracts and grants.
    • Coordinates DOL Wage & Hour Reports
    • Assist Sandco Management Personnel with preparation and monitoring of all cost submissions for work and services.
    • Supervise and coordinate the activities of staff as assigned.
    • Oversees established external and internal audit functions.