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Mission: Analyze legislative issues and provide recommendations to the Board of Trustees on how to engage the Chamber membership regarding the issues that will impact the business community.

Curent Legislative Updates from the Ohio Chamber of Commerce.  


Grassroots: Getting to the Polls!

The Chamber Action Alliance (CAA), our link to legislative issues and topics with the Ohio Chamber, will be providing us lots of great information regarding the fast approaching elections.  Many of these ideas will be ideas on how you can be involved in Grassroots efforts. This will include tips on how to encourage employees to get more active in the democratic process and how to educate your members and employees on the candidates and issues. We urge you to encourage voting.

It is imperative businesses take the opportunity to communicate the importance of voting in every election as well as the impact that public policy and politics have on jobs and economic growth. Surveys done for BIPAC, a bipartisan national organization that enables more effective business participation in the political process, show that a larger percentage of employees consider their employers to be a more credible source of information on candidates and elections than any other source. In addition, a majority of employees who receive such information from their employers believe that their employers should be even more active in these efforts.

The first step to engaging your employees is to encourage them to vote and let them know the company considers this a priority. Some employers may not know how to discuss voting and elections with the employees. Below are a few easy tips to get started:

  1. Communicate to employees that participating in the democratic process is a priority.
  2. Provide voter registration forms (this can be found here).
  3. Communicate voter registration deadlines.
  4. Communicate the fact that who we elect has an impact on the future success of your business.
  5. Allow extra time to vote or relax workday start and end times to encourage voting.
  6. Organize a lunch trip to the board of elections to take advantage of early voting.
  7. Encourage voting by rewarding employees who do vote.

If your company is interested in taking the next step and engaging employees about candidates and elections, let us know and we can work with you to design a plan to achieve this.