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Hours: Mon.-Thurs. 8:30-4:30 & Fri. 8:30-4:00

What does the Chamber of Commerce do? The Chamber of Commerce of Sandusky County exists to serve the needs and interests of our members, promotes their businesses through activities, which encourage interaction among members and with others, and strives to improve the economic environment in Sandusky County.  

How large is the Chamber’s membership? The Chamber of Commerce of Sandusky County represents over 320 members, has many committees, and hundreds of active member volunteers.  

Who runs the Chamber of Commerce? A Board of Directors consisting of local people, with Executive Committee members.

How often do members meet? Members are encouraged to get together throughout the year. Opportunities include Committee Meetings, Annual Dinner, Orientation, and Special Events. These activities are posted on the Chamber website’s Calendar of Events.  

Why should I join the Chamber if I’m unable to attend events? Members are not required to attend meetings, although participating at events may help heighten awareness of your company. As a member of the Chamber, you will receive representation on the local and state level; have access to information and promotional opportunities available exclusively to members; receive referrals and promotion for your business 365 days a year! Membership in the Chamber will help your business and community grow stronger together. 

If I can’t attend an event, may I send someone else in my place? Yes! All employees are welcome to attend, whether in your absence or with you. Membership privileges are extended to all of your employees when your company joins the Chamber. Everyone in your company may take advantage of the Chamber’s discounts and benefit programs.  

How can I promote my business through the Chamber? There are numerous opportunities for business promotion and advertising. Examples include web site advertising, special event sponsorships, Chamber networking events, and training and workshop events. 

What’s the best way to get the most out of my membership? Our most satisfied members seem to be those who attend meetings and events, participate in activities, and use the various marketing sources available through our Chamber. The more you put into it, the more you will get out of it.

Where is Cedar Point located? Cedar Point is located the city of Sandusky in Erie County. Contact the Erie County Chamber of Commerce at 419-625-6421 for information on visiting Cedar Point, the city of Sandusky and the surrounding area.  

I want to verify the legitimacy of a company in Sandusky County? Membership in the Chamber of Commerce of Sandusky County is open to any company, and does not imply our endorsement of the organization. To find out if a specific company is a member, please search our online business directory. If you are trying to determine the legitimacy of a Sandusky County business, please contact the Sandusky County Auditor’s Office at 419-334-6123 to check if the company in question has a license to operate a business in Sandusky County.  

I have a complaint or concern about an area business, who should I contact? The Chamber of Commerce of Sandusky County is not a government agency, and therefore has no authority to investigate how companies conduct business, nor are we able to accept complaints. If you have a complaint about a Sandusky County area business, contact the Better Business Bureau at 1-800-743-4222 or 419-531-3116.
Is my Chamber membership dues tax deductible? Yes, you can claim your dues as a business expense on your tax return. Please contact your tax advisor for more information. 

Where can I find demographical information about Sandusky County? Sandusky County Economic Development Corporation has a variety of demographical information listed on their website, www.sanduskycountyedc.org/. Click here for the most updated Sandusky County Profile. 

When are the Fremont Flea Markets? The Fremont Flea Markets are held at the Sandusky County Fairgrounds. For a complete list of when the flea markets take place, contact them directly or visit their website, www.sanduskycountyfair.com/

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