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To provide a better understanding of agriculture in Sandusky County.

Involvement includes:
Ag Packs
Ag Tent at Sandusky Co. Fair
Ag Week Kickoff Breakfast
Ag Awards – Farmer of the Year and Ag Service 


2017 Ag Week Kickoff Breakfast 

Congratulations to the winners of the Farmer of the Year Award and the Ag Service Award.



Pictured L to R:
Roy and Jack Gibbs - Recipient of the 2017 Farmer of the Year Award
Luckey Farmers - Recipient of the 2017 Ag Service Award



Sandusky County Fair Ag Tent

The 2017 Sandusky County Fair will be held August 22nd-27th. The Ag Committee will have a tent displayed throughout the week. Make sure to stop in while you're there and see some of our members!



Ag Signs

The signs you see around Sandusky County promoting agriculture are set up and maintained by the Ag Committee.